I want her with everything I am.  It’s a need so deep that all I can do is push her away.  But, that’s who I am–it’s what I do.  Anyone who dares to get too close, I shove away–out of my reach.  The damage of my past won’t let me move forward–won’t let me love her.


But now, she’s in danger, and I refuse to let anything happen to her. Come Hell or high water, I will protect her.  Or die trying…



It was all about sex.  At least, that’s what I told myself.  I refused to let Magnum have my heart.  But when the anniversary of my tragic past comes back to haunt me, it’s Magnum who’s there to save me–from my past and from the demons who torment me.  Time heals all wounds, but this time, the pain just might be incurable.  Can Magnum fix what was destroyed so long ago?



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